Art Convention: exhibition and accompanying program
22/5 – 27/5 2018
Lauba, Zagreb

Bringing up the Future

Group exhibition
17/5 – 6/6/ 2018
Project Authors: Ines Matijević Cakić i Marta Kiš
Waldinger Gallery, Osijek

Third Time

Solo exhibition
Gallery AŽ Atelijeri Žitnjak
Photo by Boris Cvjetanović / Neli Ružić

When Architecture Becomes Reminiscence (of a long-forgotten experience)

A review of the artistic
production of the Motel Trogir project 2014-2017
Galler VN, Zagreb

What our Dalmatinka gave us?

What our Dalmatinka gave us?
Factory and Spinning Mill
10/11/2017 – 10/1/2018
Gallery Sikirica, Sinj

Rosa Futura

from 2/11/2017
Museo Rosa Galisteo
Santa Fe, Argentina

Architecture in Contemporary Art

group exhibition
11/7 – 27/7/ 2017
Museum of Fine Arts Split

Time Lapsus

video, 2017
HD 1080p, no sound, 5’02”



Exhibition reviews