experimental film
HD 1080p, stereo sound 17’34”
producer: Kinematograf, 2018

The experimental film NOWhere poetically explores the personal experience of departure/return and rebuilding identities. Dramaturgy consists of two backbones – a scene portraying a sculpture Before dawn by Neli Ružić and the monument of Bogdan Bogdanović  The Guardian of Freedom, both of which were set up at the Klis fortress during the different moments in history, given up to entropy and social changes. The conditions in which these sculptures have been found activate the archeology of time, invisible and erased history. The relationship of these two sculptures and the non-linear time flow is emphasized with mirrors interventions through visual and textual quotations of Robert Smithsons Mirror Displacements series.

The film intends to use narration and visuals to depict the interweaving of personal, autobiographical and historical situations, individual and collective memories, but also the concept of identity as an unstable structure.

scriptwriter/director Neli Ružić
script contributors Marjan Alčevski, Ivana Meštrov
camera Boris Poljak
editing Neli Ružić
music Ricardo Cortés
narration Neli Ružić
sound designer Tonči Bakotin/Studio Sensoria
producer Dijana Mlađenović

Festivals 25 FPS Festival– 14th International Experimental Film And Video Festival, 2018, Zagreb; Split Film Festival – International Festival of New Film, 2018, Split; The Signes de Nuit – Festival International de Cinéma, 2018, Paris, France; Sharjah film Platform, Sharjah Art Foundation, 2019, Sharjah, UAE 

Signs Award – Cinema in Transgression Competition

Exhibitions Refreshing Memory / When Monuments Revive/ Kad spomenici ožive, Gerija Nova / SKD Prosvjeta, Zagreb, October 2019 ; Nigdina / NOWhere, Galerija Prozori, Zagreb, December, 2019