Novi list


Black Flags

three-channel video installation, 2016
HD 1080p, stereo sound 6’35”

Black Flags

public intervention, 2016

Shadows of the Future

solo exhibition
13/12/2016 – 13/1/2017
Curator: Sabina Salamon
MMSU Rijeka

Shadows of the Future

solo exhibition
10/11 – 4/12/2016
Curator: Jasminka Babić
Museum of Fine Arts Split
Photo by Zoran Alajbeg

Neo-colony (gast/arbeiter)

action, 2016

Neo-colony (degradation of red)

video, 2015
HD 1080p, color, stereo sound, 3′ (loop)

Stolen Future

video, 2014/2015
HD 1080p, stereo sound, 5’23”

Plaque (Two Mountains)

2016, video HD 720p, stereo zvuk / stereo sound
Two Mountains, 2016, found object, photograph, pencil, glass
30 x 20,5 cm

Songs for the future

three-channel video installation, 2013
HD 1080p, stereo sound, 13′