Time Lapsus

video, 2017
HD 1080p, no sound, 5’02”

Time Lapsus is a video work of a public clock shot at Split Port, one of the seven city square clocks set up at city crossroads since the 70s of the 20th century. Today, objects become increasingly obsolete, especially in Split, where until this year, almost all of them were dysfunctional. The public clock located on the building of the breakwater on the last dock has not been repaired and its three sides shows a different time while on the fourth side the time has stopped. This clock is located on the state border, ie on the border of the so-called East coasts designed for cruisers.

This work is realised within the framework of Gn2p. Grad na drugi pogled is a multi-annual traveling interdisciplinary educational and exhibition project by PUNKT that links city engagement, production of city-specific works of renowned contemporary artists, youth education through video workshops with artists and public development. The project is strategically aimed at networking project participants and strengthening the community’s interest in monitoring and participating in contemporary art and culture programs in their local context.
The project encompasses art productions and workshops with local elementary and high school students under the guidance of local artists who, through their work and mentoring, approach their own creative processes. Through the student dialogue and mentor-artist, workshops are being carried out in the media of the video, with creative use of ubiquitous multimedia gadgets. Thus, participants through the camera lens on their smartphones, tablets or cameras activate a “different view” of their environment, one who perceives, focuses, explores and encourages the contemplation and imagination of different scenarios and images of reality.