Black Flags

public intervention, 2016

produced in collaboration with Museum of Fine Arts Split, solo exhibition Shadows of the Future (curator Jasminka Babić) photo: by Zoran Alajbeg

Black Flags is an intervention in the public space of Bosanska Street in Split. It is a reinterpretation and a sort of re-enactment of the seminal expressionist painting Black Flags of Ljubo Babić from 1918. I interpreted the image through the urban scenery installing seven black flags along the Bosanska Street where I live and which often appears in my artistic works from the nineties. In addition, this street is one of the most frequented communication lines at the edge of the Diocletian’s Palace and well illustrate all the recent problems of the city downtown: commercialization of public space, apartmanization and gentrification. Black Flags are impregnated with the contemporary moment, they are reaction on many levels, from local to global; from the death of the city downtown due to gentrification, recent situation in Croatia till global situation of the increasing exclusion in the contemporary world. Staging of painting with the flags is the black Memento, Baroque pageant of very long verticals hanging down from the white stone buildings. I was interested in appropriation of the motive from modernist painting but also in translation from one to other media: from painting to spatial urban scenery to the moving image and video installation.