Black Flags (Displacements)

Solo exhibition
08/12 – 22/12/2018
Curator:Janka Vukmir
Gallery SC, Zagreb
Photo by Boris Cvjetanović / Neli Ružić


experimental film
HD 1080p, stereo sound 17’34”
producer: Kinematograf, 2018

Behind the Doors

four-channel video installation, 2018
video HD 1080p, color, no sound, (loop)
camera: Boris Poljak

Transformer of Lost Energy

Object installation, 2018
dim.: 14.5 x 14.5 x 120 cm
wood, glass, dust, rotating electric motor

Behind the Doors

Photo InkJet Print, 2018
Fine Art Rag
Artists book, 38 x 23 cm
38 pages
Edition: 3

Time Lapsus

video, 2017
HD 1080p, no sound, 5’02”

Black Flags

three-channel video installation, 2016
HD 1080p, stereo sound 6’35”

Black Flags

public intervention, 2016

Neo-colony (gast/arbeiter)

action, 2016

Neo-colony (degradation of red)

video, 2015
HD 1080p, color, stereo sound, 3′ (loop)