Solo exhibition
Curator: Irena Bekić
Associate: Marijana Stanić
16/02 – 10/03/2023
Vranyczany Palace (HIS)

At the centre of interest of artist Neli Ružić are forms of temporality and the perception of time. In the exhibition Timescape she tests out the heterogeneous flows of time through individual human time, historical and deep geological time. The concept from the title, timescape or temporal horizon, suggests that space is a temporal necessity from which it is possible to look at or attempt to explain the multiplicity of time. Timescape includes perspective, someone’s view and accordingly society too, encounters or communities, relations and social asymmetries that are formed in time and that form it.The artist uses the Vranyczany Palace as structure. The interior of the palace is the basis of the ambiental installation that she constructs. She turns it into a time capsule in which the temporal axes of a heterogeneous time meet and repel each other: dystopia in the audio work Do We Have a Plan for Yesterday?, individual human time measured with exhalation in the installation Breathing Together (Measuring the Cosmos), the doubled time of the mirror (At the Same Time) or time halted (Now (Kairos)) as well as historical time as against geological time in the work Deep Time. The latter is manifested through the layers that opened up in the wall structure as a result of the earthquake. Marking the fissures in the wall with light, the artist additionally unfolds the strata of history, setting up a measure between us, historical and geological time.

(excerpt from the curatorial text by Irena Bekić)

Photographer: Jasenko Rasol