Time Robbers

group exhibition
14/07 – 28/8/ 2016
Museum of Fine Arts Split

Time Robbers, Galerija umjetnina, Split

Marina Abramović / Lawrence English / Igor Eškinja / Momčilo Golub / On Kawara / Julije Knifer / Dalibor Martinis / Neli Ružić / Mladen Stilinović / Gorki Žuvela

Curators: Jasminka Babić and Leila Topić
14.07. – 28.8. 2016.

Group exhibition entitled Time Robbers exhibits Croatian and international artists belonging to various generations, working in different media. Through diverse artworks it evokes changed perception and sense of time, at the same time showing the evolution, changes and various perceptions of the concept of time. The first definition of time in relation to space was given by Aristotle who defined time as a number of movements according to „what happened before and what would happen after“. Physical time is all-encompassing as cosmic time and is defined in relation to celestial bodies. However, ever since Henry Bergson rejected the rationalist notion of mechanical time as a measurable succession, the ground was set for Einstein’s theory of relativity, as well as for the artistic interpretation of time. From the modern life perspective and the development of new technologies, we are facing the acceleration, compression or elongation of the concept of time which is being completely subjectively perceived. In addition, we keep forgetting that time that can be measured, controlled and bought is completely modern invention connected to the rise of capitalistic models and famous saying that identifies time with money. In such context Time Robbers exhibition becomes a platform for exploration of the idea of time, but also of changed perception of it.
Exhibited works are a part of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb collection, Museum of Fine Arts in Split collection and private collections.