Time Lapsus

solo exhibition
17/12 – 31/12/ 2015
Salon Galić, HULU Split
Photo by Zoran Krpetić

Opening: Thursday 17/12/ 2015, 20:00 hrs

Curator: Janka Vukmir

Exhibition of Neli Ruzic “Time lapsus” is her first solo exhibition in Croatia after returning from Mexico, after having been there for more than a decade, and includes works from the period before leaving to after return.

Neli concentrates her entire work around issues of overlapping personal and collective, remembering and forgetting, in the context of migration and transition id/entities.

“In parallel to a larger scale of this great historical narrative, the author tells the story of her own history, and not only of the matrilineal, but also of the diagonal history (of women) in the family. She appears in the role of a narrator who compares the personal with the spaces personal is brought into, the same as an individual, personal narrative is brought into the published, well-known and public history, which will inevitably both contaminate it and compel it to a new memory.”
form the exhibition catalogue text of Ana Peraica