pieces of stucco, plaster, woolen blanket
Gallery Podroom
Kultural Centre Belgrade
curator: Irena Bekić
13/3- 18/3/2023
Photo: Tanja Drobnjak@KCB

Organisation: Art Pavilion Zagreb in collaboration with Podroom Gallery, Cultural Center Belgrade

Temporary installation (displacement)

The Art Pavilion in Zagreb, built for the Millennium Exhibition in Budapest, was opened in 1898, immediately becoming a representative of the identity structure associated with the belonging to the Austro-Hungarian cultural circle. The pieces of stucco that crumbled from the ceiling of the Art Pavilion in Zagreb 2020 earthquake are still located on the floor of the unrestored exhibition space. The two years of temporariness and partial destruction have fixated the state of fragility and frailty. By displacing the stucco, the author relocates the space of the Pavilion. The stucco is here used as a metaphor for striving to aestheticize life and transform identity. Simultaneously, plaster ornaments are the first to be eroded by time and destroyed in catastrophes.