Songs for the future

three-channel video installation, 2013
HD 1080p, stereo sound, 13′

with: Luka Ružić Marušić,
Tanja Kolar, Nenad Ružić
sound composition:
Carol Chargueron (LIMME-UNAM, Meksiko)
sound design: Gildo Bavčević
editing: Neli Ružić

Three-channel video installation “Songs for the future” is a kind of archeology of intergenerational memory and temporality that puts in relation ideology, emotional space of music and a landscape. “Songs for the future” is composed of three stagings that I made in collaboration with my son, a friend of mine and my father who perform by humming or playing three songs: International, Marjane, Marjane and Across the Mount Konjuh. This three stagings tackle the issues of postmemory, political silence, multiple temporality and landscape.