Nigdina / NOWhere

Solo exhibition
Curator: Irena Bekić
21/12/2019 / 21/01/2020
Artist´s Book presentation
by Leonida Kovač, Sonja Leboš, Irena Bekić, Sandro Đukić, Neli Ružić
Prozori Gallery Zagreb
Photo by Jasenko Rasol / Neli Ružić

Some of Neli’s aesthetic strategies include transformations of time such as time lapse, temporalization of space, multiplication of time/clocks, followed by archiving, simultaneous, and not successive arrangement of events and duration, recording of discontinuities. Through them she elaborates those same phenomena, points to discontinuities, ruptures, restorations of time, even the selectivity of reception which is, contrary to the pursuit of comprehensive insight, multiple, incomplete and elusive, the same as time. With such overlapping, Neli achieves the sameness of two regimes of time, of the artwork and realtime, positioning them in the permanent present. (…)   

Perhaps only an acceptance of the fractured fragmentation of space-time will help us understand ourselves, the society we participate in and the world we inhabit. It seems to me, actually, that only by opening the curtains to the desirable continuity, which societies impose in their need for consolidation, will it be possible to uncover mechanisms of social domination and oppose it. Neli’s work speaks to that.  

Irena Bekić (excerpt from the text Nigdina/NOWhereor Notes on Time)