Neo-colony (gast/arbeiter)

action, 2016

June 29 – July 3, 2016
Next Door | Galerie Michaela Stock, Vienna

During this action I was cleaning used urinary placed on the pedestal. I brought it from my hometown, Split to Vienna. One American Staffordshire Terrier with his owner goes around me in circles. Dog occasionally bark and sniff. I was cleaning the urinary with dedication for as long it was needed. I used some gloves and different tools, from small brushes, swabsticks, rags, kitchen sponges, bucket with water, etc.

The references are multiple, from Duchamp´s ready-made R. Mutt Fountain to the tourism expansion, service industry and cleaning jobs on Dalmatian coast. Recently, I was talking with my friends about how Croatia really advanced in very clean toilets and that is indicative for some problematic cleaning connotations as cleaning of language, history narratives, etc. For sure, a urinary as masculine icon par excellence, in this case is seen from the other side (women labor) and the subtitle recall german word gastarbeiter (expression for foreign or migrant worker) refers to historical, economical and social status of the former Yugoslavian, Turkish and others migrant workers. At the same time, Neo-colony is a second in a series of my works about economic colonization and disneylandisation of southeast EU countries, particularly Dalmatian coast and my home town Split. Neo-colony (gast/arbeiter) directly refers to cleaning jobs mostly made by women and framed by tourism, almost the only Croatian economic prosperous activity.