Bringing up the Future

Group exhibition
17/5 – 6/6/ 2018
Project Authors: Ines Matijević Cakić i Marta Kiš
Waldinger Gallery, Osijek

Opening: Thursday 17/05/ 2018, 20:00 hrs @ Waldinger Gallery

Authors: Elina Brotherus (FI), Maria Adela Diaz (Guatemala / SAD), Jelena Kovačević (HR), Ana Kuzmanić (HR), Ines Matijević Cakić (HR), Neli Ružić (HR), Marijana Stanić(HR), Lena Šimić (UK), Tanja Tintor Keller (HR), Vlasta Žanić (HR)

Bringing up the future brings together artists and scholars around the common desire of thinking contemporary roles of women and mothers. By exploring their positions, the author examines the complex relationships between personal and social, rational and emotional, conscious and unconscious, possible and impossible.