Breathing Together (Measuring the Cosmos)

multichannel video-sound installation / director of photography: Darko Škrobonja / sound composition: Carole Chargueron
Photo: Jasenko Rasol

Timescape, Vranyczany Palace (HIS), Zagreb, 16.2.-10.3. 2023, curator: Irena Bekić in collaboration with Marijana Stanić

Organisation: Art Pavilion Zagreb and Contemporary Art Platform, Gallery 90-60-90

The installation takes on recordings of people’s breath, on other words, the traces of the warmth of their exhalation on glass. Because of the position of the light, the dust falling on glass becomes a visible and real part of the space. The warm imprints of breaths gradually dissappear into the deep cosmic space consisting of dust particles. On each of the seven screens there is a different series of sixty different human breaths and dust constelations. The ambience created of join breathing indicate both fragility and the vitality of the common space, of the co-respiration that we have to cultuvate.

(excerpt from the curatorial text by Irena Bekić)