57th Zagreb Salon of visual arts, We appeared as a strategy of eternity

Meštrović Pavilion (HDLU), Zagreb
Vranyczany Palace (HIS)

The Zagreb Salon (Zagrebački salon) is the longest running exposition of contemporary Croatian visual art. It was established in 1965 by the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb. Since 1976, every three years, one of three art disciplines comes into focus: visual art, applied art and design, and architecture. This year’s edition, the 57th, is going to be set up according to the concept developed by Lila Topić, a well known curator, dubbed “We appeared as the strategy of eternity” („Mi smo se pojavili kao strategija vječnosti“). It is scheduled to take place between 16th September and 20th November at the Meštrović Pavilion (HDLU) and the Vranyczany Palace (HIS) in Berislavićeva 6. Also included in this concept is an interesting programme called “30 Scenes for 30 Years” („30 prizora za 30 godina“) carried out in the public areas of the City of Zagreb in partnership with the Domino Association. In addition to the main programme of the Salon, there is a number of side events planned: programmes involving music, discourse, education and inclusion, all in partnership with the Indian Embassy in Croatia to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Indian independence. The event which is to include screenings of Indian films is scheduled to take place at the Gorgona hall (MSU Zagreb). The concept of the salon, “We appeared as the strategy of eternity”, revolves around the anniversaries we recently marked – of Croatian independence (2021 – 30th anniversary), and the Croatian Spring (2021 – 50th anniversary), so the idea is for this exhibition to display the work of Croatian artists that reflects, questions and analyses the concepts of freedom, public space, of the culture of remembering, nationalism, of citizenship or sovereignty in the context of contemporary society.

September 15 – November 11 2022

15 September–20 November 2022 Home of Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU)

16 September–20 November 2022 Vranyczany Palace (HIS) at Berislavićeva 6,