41st SPLIT SALON / Not definitely lost to each other

41st SPLIT SALON / Not definitely lost to each other
curator: Ivana Meštrov
exhibition associate: Ana Janevski

Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović with Marina Bauer & Didier Douet / Karla Crnković WWF Adria / Vida Guzmić / Nicole Hewitt Ivan Slipčević / Tatjana Dunja Ivanišević / Jelena Maksimović / Maja Marković with Association for interdisciplinary and intercultural research / Nadija Mustapić/ Karlo Papišta Duška Boban Martin Baće Goran Škofić / Matea Šabić Sabljić / Alieta Monas Plejić / Renata Poljak / Sonja Pregrad with Tin Dožić & Andro Giunio / Lala Raščić / Neli Ružić / Selma Selman / Association for interdisciplinary and intercultural research with Stella Leboš& Luana Lojić

After a two-year break, major Split contemporary art manifestation is back in town.

41st Split Salon under the title Not definitely lost to each other presents visual artists, collectives and collaborating organizations whose visual works and projects further complexities of feminist genealogies, encourage productive dialogues amongst generations as a means of creating more equitable histories and envision a more inclusive and sustainable present, locally, and even beyond that.

Seen primarily in the light of social-cultural historiography rather than through history of exhibitions alone, the format of the Salon has, at certain times, provided the space and time for discussion and information exchange outside of established social-class norms (throughout the 17th century)as well as a space – not without ambivalence, though – of women’s socio-political activities (throughout the 19th century). Today, we’re transforming it into a one-of-a-kind place where distinct, seemingly conflicting spaces and times converge, on crossroads of theory and practice, performing as motivators of small acts of attention directed towards imperceptible and marginalized objects, subjects and topics, ephemeral artistic forms, and physical presences.

The title Not definitely lost to each other points out that this year’s 41st Split Salon unravels in loose, but not unrelated correlation with the city of Split. The Salon will be occupy different locations across the city through a couple of exhibition-performances planned for specific locations (Multimedia Cultural Center Split, Salon Galić, Aquarium Bačvice), feminist art interventions in permanent museum exhibition displays (Croatian Maritime Museum Split), valorization of modern architectural-urbanistic complexes and healthcare premises in times of pandemic and quietude (newly established Exhibition space Zoja Dumengjić in Clinical Hospital Center Split), collaboration among cultural institutions (Croatian Maritime Museum Split) and within independent cultural scene (queeranarchive, Kvart Gallery).

Not definitely lost to each other is thus an intimate exhibitional glitch, an incentive to hear one another in the middle of the current turmoil of our daily life. Even though the term glitch is usually used in digital domain, it is here borrowed from glitch feminism, which points out the problem in social structure disrupted by economical, racial, social, sexual, and cultural stratification and imperialistic processes that continue to violate our bodies. The glitch in the structure, therefore, is not a mistake, but rather the opposite, a correction.

Event organization and production: HULU Split

Curatorial assistant: Ana Bratić

Visual identity: Neva Zidić

Exhibition setup associate: Duška Boban

Photo documentation: Žaklina Antonijević